Your personal gin recipe represents who you are as a gin fan!

What’s your unique blend?

At our Giniology class, you will find out which gin completes you.

Looking for a really fun and unique social event?
Do you enjoy learning and experiencing new things?

Are you a Ginthusiast?

Any of the above?… or all of the above? — GINiology is for you!

Enhance your GINtelligence!! Learn about the history and production of gin.

Welcome to our GINiology classes!

Learn about the history and production of gin, while enjoying a couple of classic Gin cocktails.  Create your own personal botanical recipe which you can take away with you in the bottle, that evening!

Taste many of the independent flavors used to make most gins in the world. What does orris root taste like when isolated from other flavors?  What about elderflower, or cucumber?

If you could make your perfect gin, what would you include? What would you exclude?

In addition to the standard juniper flavor (big or minimalist), do I want my gin to have:

  • Heat ?
  • Citrus ?
  • Spice ?
  • Floral notes ?

A truly unique experience where you can craft your own gin with personalized assistance, take it home that evening!  And… be able to reorder your gin recipe at any time.

Your very own personal Gin experience.

Classes can be reserved for:
Fridays at 7:30pm,
Saturdays at 7:30pm,
Sundays at 6:30pm,
contact us for other days, or a private group.

$150 per person, the opportunity to formulate your own Gin is of course, priceless!

The ideal size group is up to eight gin enthusiasts per event, with the intent to keep an intimate and personal experience, however a larger group can be accommodated if you desire.

We respectfully request greater than one week’s notice for reschedule. If rescheduling with less than a week’s notice, a $30 per person rescheduling fee will be charged. No refunds. Fees are charged at time of booking. 

When you reorder your custom Gin, (and why wouldn’t you, because yours is the best ever) the cost will be $50 + taxes.

You cannot make a great Gin unless you truly love it; Gin takes a lot of time and loving-care to create the perfect spirit.

which is why we believe: