Scratch Distillery Whiskey Batch #1 is in the barrel and aging for you…

A beautiful old-world grain mash bill 50% Spelt, 25% Millet, 25% White Winter Wheat aged in new american oak.

Do you want in? Here’s how…

Buy a Scratch Gift Card for at least $75 and receive a voucher that puts you on the list to receive one of the 300 bottles at our release of Batch #1. For every $75 in gift cards you purchase, you will receive a Scratch Voucher rewarding you with a reservation for a bottle of Whiskey.

Save your gift card to buy the reserved Whiskey when it arrives in the second half of 2017, or use it to purchase anything sold at Scratch at any time. A bottle of Scratch Whiskey plus taxes is $75.

When the Whiskey is ready, we will host a release party for all Scratch Voucher bearers. If you cannot make it to the party, you can pick up your bottle at any time in the following months. We can also ship it to you if needed, however, shipping costs and restrictions (blah, blah…) for certain states apply.

80 Proof / 40% ABV / 750 mL

Until then, you need to tie over your taste for OAK by trying our Barrel Finished Spirit or our Barrel Finished Gin.