Scratch Barrel Finished Pepper Vodka

The char of the new Oak barrels matches the serrano, fresno, jalepeno, pink peppercorns, and black peppercorns with a slightly mesquite bouquet. Great on it’s own or as a substitute for Anejo in cocktails.

Scratch Barrel Finished Gin

In our barrel finished gin, we start with a recipe similar to our martini style gin, but build up the cinnamon, nutmeg, heat, and juniper. Then we finish the gin in a used scratch whiskey barrel. The result is a complex gin with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and spice.

Scratch Gin


Our breakaway distillate of IPA beer finished for three months in a blend of 50% once-used rye barrels, and 50% once-used bourbon barrels. Very smooth, with warm notes of caramel, burnt sugar, vanilla, and oak.



This Spirit was distilled from Washington Wheat from the Skagit Valley, rested in neutral American Oak barrels for 8 months, and infused with caraway, dill, cardamom and orange peel. Try it in the Fremont Troll or the Horatio cocktails.

Underground Aquavit

This spirit was distilled from Potato, rested in neutral American Oak Barrels for 10 months, and Infused with Caraway and Dill. Great out of the freezer, in a cocktail, or a Bloody Mary (aka Nordic Snapper).