Scratch Distillery is proud and honored to give back to our community. Scratch supports:

Donation Requests

Donation Guidlines

We focus our donations on the following areas:

  • Animal welfare
  • Disease research and prevention
  • Education
  • Emergency response
  • Environmental issues
  • Hunger

We do not donate to:

  • Organizations without active 501(c)(3) status
  • Religious activities
  • Children’s groups and sports teams
  • Organizations or activities outside of the Seattle area

Our Request of You

Many of our donation recipients are already supporters of Scratch Distillery. If you have not yet visited our tasting room or tried our products, here is our request of you:

  • Know that we are making fantastic spirits in an uncommon way:  we use local ingredients and we produce everything from grain to glass ourselves, employing local Edmonds folks and supporting our community.
  • Ask for our products whenever you are out for a cocktail or buying liquor at the store—especially if you don’t believe they currently carry it!  Big-name spirits producers are not the ones supporting our community.

Donation Request Form

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