Customize Your Gin in Our GINiology™ Lite Class

In Scratch Distillery’s GINiology™ Lite class, we’ll help you create your own gin recipe from more than 30 botanicals, spices, and other flavors, and then you’ll take a bottle of it home that day. Your personal recipe is stored in our vault so you can reorder your custom gin as soon as you run out.

At GINiology™ Lite, we start right into the gin development conversation. Then we taste. We have distilled more than 30 separate botanicals that are used to make most of the gins in the world, so you can taste each flavor independently. By deconstructing gin in this way, you can discover which botanicals make your mouth happy. You will discover new favorite flavors.  Whether you are designing your recipe for a specific favorite cocktail, or trying to match a style you had “this one time in Spain”… We will help you decide what your personal bottle of gin highlights, and how to balance it perfectly.

While attendees to our GINiology™ Class love the in-depth history lesson over a cocktail, and detailed production tour, the class is a big commitment of time (3-4 hours) that is not for everyone.

GINiology™ Lite is perfect for you:


Experience GINiology™ Lite at Scratch Distillery

Classes are offered monthly and we are also happy to arrange a GINiology™ Lite class for your work event or private party.

The ideal size is eight gin enthusiasts per class so we can keep it an intimate and personal experience. Contact us to arrange for larger groups.

GINiology™ Lite class is $100 per person, including a bottle of your custom gin. The opportunity to formulate your own gin is, of course, priceless. We’ll store your recipe so you can reorder again and again. When you reorder your custom GINiology™ gin, your bottle is only $50 plus taxes.

We request more than a week’s notice to reschedule.  No refunds. Fees are charged at time of booking.