Strawberry-Rhubarb Southside

A summer favorite. Sometimes making the simple syrup isn't simple... but so worth it!
Servings: 1 drink


  • 2 ounce Scratch Martini Style Gin
  • 1 ounce Lemon juice
  • 1 ounce Strawberry-Rhubarb simple syrup
  • 4 leaves Mint leaves 3 in shaker and 1 for garnish


  • Put ingredients including mint leaves in shaker with ice, shake 10 seconds hard, and serve in a Coupe or Martini glass with mint leaf garnish.
  • To make this syrup you'll need:
    1/2 stalk rhubarb - sliced into chunks
    1 pint strawberries - de-stemed and sliced
    1 cup sugar
    Integrate 1 cup of sugar into 1 cup of water over medium heat. Add sliced rhubarb chunks into syrup and bring to a medium-high heat for 20 minutes - making sure to stir frequently throughout this process. Add strawberries, reduce heat to medium-low for another 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for 30-60 minutes, or to taste. Strain rhubarb and strawberries from syrup and use over ice cream!!! The syrup should stay stable in the refrigerator for about 14 days.