Edmonds’ Own Whiskey is our single-barrel straight whiskey made from a beautiful old-world grain mash bill of 45% Spelt, 23% Millet, 23% White Winter Wheat, 9% Malted Barley. After distillation, our whiskey ages in new American oak for two years. This unique blend of grains, sourced from nearby Skagit Valley, shows incredible complexity and richness with a smooth balanced finish.

The release of our first barrel was such a huge success that we sold out astonishingly fast. Fear not!  Our second barrel will be released mid-November 2018 and is available for pre-order. Thanks to all of our supporters who pre-purchased a bottle of our inaugural barrel and then bought even more after tasting it!

A beautiful old-world grain mash bill 46% Spelt, 23% Millet, 23% White Winter Wheat, 9% Barley aged in new american oak.


83 Proof / 41.5% ABV / 750 mL


A bottle of Scratch Whiskey plus taxes costs $80.
Buy a Scratch Whiskey Future for $80 and receive a voucher that puts you on the list to receive one of the 305 bottles at our release of Batch #2; which is scheduled for mid-November 2018, with Batch #3 coming late March 2019.  For every $80 in futures, you will receive a Scratch Voucher rewarding you with a reservation for a bottle of Whiskey.
When the Whiskey is ready, we will host a release party for all Scratch Voucher bearers. If you cannot make it to the party, you can pick up your bottle at any time in the following months. We can also ship it to you if needed, however, shipping costs and restrictions (blah, blah…) for certain states apply.