Scratch Gin

Scratch Gin is tailored to your taste. Choose your gin the way you like it—Gin and Tonic Style, Martini Style, or Barrel Finished.

Scratch Vodka

Distilled from organic ingredients, Scratch Vodkas offer something for every taste, including Skagit Valley Wheat, gluten-free Potato, Citrus, Pepper, and more.

Scratch Gin

You deserve a glass of award-winning Edmonds’ Own Whiskey. Our highly coveted single-barrel straight whiskey is made from local grains and frequently sells out.

Scratch Gin

It’s not just for Vikings. The Scratch versions of this Scandinavian spirit feature the distinctive flavors of caraway and dill and are delicious neat or in a cocktail.

Scratch Gin

Explore the sweeter side of Scratch. Our Amo Pocio Amaro and citrus and walnut liqueurs have Italian inspirations but have a Pacific Northwest sensibility.

Scratch Brandy

A field blend of Washington apples shine at 13 months in a once used Edmonds Own Whiskey barrel.

Scratch Rum

Fermented and distilled from organic Panela, a sustainable sourced, hand cut and cooked cane sugar.